GroundWell is an affordable and accessible online wellness program that facilitates meaningful change to those seeking physical, mental, and nutritional transformation.


This is not a quick fix, there is no "one-size-fits-all" method. At GroundWell, we believe wellness is a journey, one unique to you and your current needs. Instead of changing your life to fit an idea of "wellness" GroundWell will encourage you to fit wellness into your life just how it is today. By honoring where you are, you honor where you want to go and can create lasting, transformative change.


Our goal is to guide you back to yourself and clear a pathway towards building health and wellness into your unique lifestyle by putting the power into your hands. Through tangible tools, accountable action plans and small discoveries that lead to transformation, we will create meaningful change with the goal of a sustainable lifestyle rooted in happiness and well being.


Lindsay Janisse

Lindsay is the Founder of GroundWell. Born and raised in Michigan, Lindsay has lived and traveled all over the country, making New York City her home now for over a decade. She is a lifelong dancer, having spent the past 13 years on Broadway, and an expert teacher and mentor, with decades of experience to call upon. Lindsay is a certified Yoga teacher with seven years experience as a Senior Teacher and Teacher Mentor at Modo Yoga NYC, and she is a certified Pilates teacher through the Kane School at Kinected NYC. She gained her role as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and learned to guide meditation under the tutelage of Joni Pollard.


Lindsay's classes are creative and intelligent. They are multi-faceted, guided by the breath and her knowledge of movement and wellness in a wide array of modalities. Each class will find you rooted in alignment and the ability to unlock your potential while moving safely and building a strong foundation. Her approach to coaching is led from a place of kindness, compassion, and deep understanding of individuality.

A Message from Lindsay

My passion is Whole Living.

Throughout my life, movement has been my access to self. It has broadened my awareness to my strengths and weaknesses, and connected me to community wherever I was living. When I think back on times of personal adversity, an unwavering faith in the resilience and underlying goodness of the human spirit has brought me through. I learned at an early age what it meant to work hard. To continue to persevere in the face of adversity. Courage and strength were my guiding principles, and even in the darkest moments, the toughest times, I knew there was a choice. Let the whims of chance continue to carry me forward, or, dig in and take ownership of the person I wanted to be.


GroundWell was born of a desire to reach out and give back. I have a unique perspective, received from a life as well-lived as it is well-fumbled. Grounded awareness while also embracing life's groundless inevitably has become my strength. I strive to return to my breath and intuition in times of challenge and strife, and stay tethered to reality in the moments of incalculable bliss. I want to bring this awareness to you and your life. Through coaching, and through movement. I want to connect and grow and transform together. I believe in the power of community and accountability. Let's build together.

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