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Month of Mindful Movement

April 1st - 30th

Move 20 minutes a day in any way that calls you.

An invitation to 30 days of connecting to breath and body for 20 minutes each day. As we transition into spring, now more than ever, we need to move. Move to awaken, move to heal, move to discover, move to connect, move to just do something. Whatever movement calls to you. Let it look messy, feel shaky; let go of expectations.

Join the Facebook Group!

Connect with the GroundWell community during this month on Facebook! In our private Facebook Group we'll be connecting over special live classes, tips, inspiration and conversation during the month of April.

Track Your Month


Plus, track your Month of Mindful Movement with our virtual challenge "sticker board!" Create a board for yourself and start keeping track of your movement - it will feel so good to look back on at the end of the month, we promise.

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